September 27, 2010

Ravelry Swap - August 2010

Received from: sandhyasudhir (India)
Aug. 2010

September 24, 2010

Knit Flower

This little flower is so cute! (and easy to make)
I made it as a brooch so I can pin it on anything I want - from a bag to a coat’s collar.
Tiny coconut button was used in the middle.

(This is my sweet "Peta Maga" modeling for me!)

(beloved "Cinza")


Best of all: it’s a free pattern - KNIT FLOWER by Sue W. Thompson.

September 14, 2010

Crochet hook roll case

I made this for a Ravelry swap partner.
I hope she likes it!



Unfortunately I didn't find the smaller hooks to buy to fill it all...

September 10, 2010

Cross Stitch

I've made these some time ago.


September 08, 2010

Let's Go Shopping Market Bag


I'm trying this basic market bag pattern.
Free pattern on Ravelry.


YARNS: Bella (Pingouin) - Duna
            Pingouin 1000 - Cru

NEEDLES: #8/5 mm
               #6/4 mm
  • The bottom will be knit with 2 strands of Bella + 1 strand of Pingouin 1000 for extra sturdiness (needle #5/ 8mm) .

SEPT. 7, 2010 - Made a M1 instead of YO to avoid holes.

SEPT. 9, 2010 - The mesh stitch is taking forever.....

This thing on my head is going to be a market bag!!!!

SEPT. 18, 2010 - Finished the body, just need to knit the handles.
Now you can say it's a bag!

(or is it a burka?!)
FO (finished object):

September 07, 2010

Royal Yarn Winder

I'm happy!
I finally received my yarn winder I wanted so much.
It was bought from Ebay and was pretty cheap (£29 = U$43.93 = R$80), but it took 5 weeks to get here.



September 05, 2010

More Moebius Baskets

Made some more!

September 04, 2010

Circular Shrug

This is a very easy and fast project.
Free pattern: CIRCULAR SHRUG

According to the pattern instructions it is knit as one-piece and then the 2x2 ribs are sewn together. Another way, which becomes seamless, is to knit the back section and then pick up sts and continue knitting with circular needle.

I used double yarn (Destaque and Sedificada) and 8mm./#11 needles.

Gauge: 1” = 3 sts.
Shoulder width: 16” ---> 16 + 4 = 20”
Stitch gauge x shoulder width: 3 x 20 = 60 sts (back section)
CO (back section x 2): 60 x 2 = 120 sts.

NOTE: My 1st version was made exactly as the pattern said and I hated it! Ended up frogging the whole work because I didn’t like the cap sleeve (too big). So the 2nd version I did not add 4” to the shoulder width in order to make a more fit garment. I also decided to try the knitting in the round version to avoid seams.

So I calculated as following:
Gauge: 1” = 3 sts.
Shoulder width: 16”
Stitch gauge x shoulder width: 3 x 16 = 48 sts (back section) and added 2 sts on each side.
TOTAL (back section): 52 sts.

- Provisional CO: 52 sts. and worked in stockinet st for 15”.
- With circular needle picked up both ends of back section. (= 104 sts.)
- Placed st. marker and continued knitting in the round in stockinet st for 4".
- Time to start the 2x2 rib: *K, M1K, P, M1P* till the end of the round. (= 208 sts.)
- Continued 2x2 rib for 7".
- BO. Weaved in ends and it was ready to be worn!! No seams!!!
I hope the pics help!


My 2nd and final version of the shrug:
BACK SECTION: 58 cm./23” (in stockinet st.) - 15" with straight needles and 4" with circular.
2x2 RIB: 18cm./7”