• Tutorials and videos: KnittingHelp
  • Provisional Cast On (with crochet hook): VIDEO
  • Provisional Cast On: VIDEO
  • Removing the Provisional Cast On: VIDEO
  • I-cord Cast On: CO 3 sts. Slip the 3 stitches from right to left needle. Pull yarn across back of work. *kfb, k2, slip 3 stitches from right to left needle. Pull yarn across back of work*. Repeat from * to * until you have cast on the requisite number of stitches plus 2. k2 tog, k1. Slip 2 stitches from right to left needle. k2 tog.
  • Moebius Cast On: VIDEO
  • I-cord Bind Off (appl I-cord): CO 3 sts using cable cast on. *Knit 2, k2tog tbl. Slip 3 stitches from right needle back to left needle. Pull the working yarn across the back *. Repeat from * to *. When you are left with the final 3 sts, finish by k1, k2tog tbl, sl2 sts to left hand needle, k2tog. Takes a while, but looks lovely.
  • Bind Off - last stitch: tightening up last loose loop: BO until 1 st remains on left needle; slip st to right needle (there will be 2 sts on right needle!); with left needle pick up the left loop of the st one row below the slipped st; return the slipped st to left needle and knit the picked-up loop and the slipped st together. BO last st on right needle and pull yarn through last st.

  • Mattress Stitch Seaming: VIDEO
  • I-cord: (use double pointed needles) CO 3 sts (or as desired) and knit across the row; slide sts to the other end of the needle (the yarn will be on last st - no problem!); knit first st and pull yarn tightly. Begin steps again. VIDEO
  • Applied I-cord Border: VIDEO
  • Applied I-cord Corner Turn: VIDEO
  • Kitchener Stitch: VIDEO
          Set up: (done only once)
           Insert needle into the 1st stitch on front needle as if to Purl, leaving stitch on the needle.
           Insert needle into the 1st stitch on back needle as if to Knit, leaving the stitch on the needle.
           --- Continue as following: KNIT, PURL (front needle) -- PURL, KNIT (back needle)
           (Nice tutorial:

  • Needle sizes and Convertions:

  • Crochet Hooks sizes and Convertions:

  • Convertions:
        INCHES = cm. x 0.3937
        CENTIMETERS = inches x 2.54

        YARDS = meters x 1.094
        METERS = yards x 0.9144

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