January 07, 2011

Urchin hat

What a nice pattern!
It looks kind of wierd at first, but after a few wedges it starts to take shape. :-)
Firstly, I couldn’t figure out how the wedges are joined together, but the thing is - they aren’t!!!

  • Once you finish the 1st wedge just start the pattern over again for the next one (go back to row 1). Simple as that! The hat is knit sideways in Garter Stitch and composed of 8 wedges. (I hope this helps other knitters)
  • It helps to add stitch markers after each W&T (wrap and turn) as the pattern says “K to last st before wrapped st of previous row”. Since it’s knitted in Garter St it’s a bit hard to tell RS from WS and which was the last stitch wrapped (I lost track many times!)
  • After W&T all the stitches on both sides there’re 3 sts left in the center (between st markers).

Its a FREE pattern: Ravlery.

YARN: Nuage (Pingouin) - color Blue Tint (4581)
NEEDLE: US15 / 10mm

I knitted with a bulky yarn and wanted the stitches to stand out - eventough neddle size US11 / 7-8mm was recommended I went up to US15 / 10mm.

Photos wedge by wedge!

January 01, 2011

Diamond Knit Shawl

YARN: Bruma (Pingouin)
NEEDLES: US 10½ / 6.5 mm
(Free pattern: Ravelry; Lion Brand Yarn)

Started: Dec. 2008
Finished: Feb. 2009