February 21, 2011

Terra Shawl

This is a beautiful shawl designed by Jared Flood.
Pattern: Terra Shawl

NEEDLE: US 10 / 6 mm
YARN: Malabrigo Merino Worsted (Azul Profundo) - 210 yds

  • This shawl is knitted topdown (starts at center back and works down to the bottom edge)
  • When doing the Provisional Cast-On make sure a long tail is left for grafting the 12 stitches later on.
  • GARTER RIDGE PATTERN should be repeated 10 times. (total of stitches = 224)
  • After finishing Garter Ridge Pattern (or even before) go back to provisional cast-on and graft the stitches (using Kitchener Stitch), this way when you finish Chart B you’re done!!!
  • The 3 knit stitches edge on each side will become the hypotenuse (top) of the triangle and is done throughout the whole pattern (Garter Ridge, Chart A and Chart B).
  • The center stitch marker is the bottom tip of the shawl!

(click to enlarge)

    Before blocking: 55” (140cm) (wingspan) x 27” (68.5cm)
    After blocking:

  • Ãfffff.... I had to frog the grafting 2 times! To make it perfect I've decided to graft purlwise the first 3 stitches then graft knitwise the last 3.


I wanted the shawl wider so I decided to add a 4th repeat to Chart A. So I had to “extend” Chart A and alter Chart B since I had already knit up to 3rd repeat of chart A and didn't want to frog all the work done.

But if you want a larger shawl a much easier way is to increase Chart A.

Increase Garter Ridge Pattern by multiples of 22 to be able to follow Chart A later on (11 sts = one pattern repeat, so you need to increase that on both sides/halves --> 11 sts on one half of the shawl, 11 sts on the other half).

According to pattern, when you finish the Garter Ridge Pattern you should have 224 sts; if you increase it x1 you’ll have 246 sts, and if you increase it x2 you’ll end up with 268 sts.
- Fisrt hank: knit up to Row 3 (9th repetition) of Garter Ridge Pattern.
- Second hank: started 2nd hank on 22nd row of Chart A.
- Third hank: started 3rd hank on 2nd pattern repeat of Chart B and knit up to 7th row of edge pattern.
- Fourth hank: just used a little bit to finish the last 3 and a half rows! (if you don’t increase the pattern 3 hanks will work just fine)

(Chart A - 4 repeats)



- Elastic Bind-Off: k1, *k1, slip 2 sts back to left needle and k2tog tbl*.
- K2tog tbl, slip stitch back to left needle.
  (k2tog tbl = knit 2 together through the back loops).
- BO with a needle 2 sizes larger.

February 14, 2011

Tri-Peak Hat

This is a super cool an easy hat!!!

Free Ravelry download: Tri-Peak Hat


February 08, 2011


Finished my Sunshine Hat!
It's a costumized pattern designed by me!
Pattern available on Ravelry.

YARN: Bella (Pingouin) - colorway Forma (898)
Hook: 2.5 mm

I decided to design a custom sizing pattern since there’s no such thing as one size fits all.
It’s pretty easy. One has to calculate her head’s diameter and make the increases according to her size.

  • Custom sizing
  • Written instructions and chart.

It's time to FROG!

It's time to frog unfinished/unwanted projects!!!

Unfinished grey sweater
Yarn: Glamour (Cisne)

Is it a kitty blanket or a kitty cave?!

"This horrible sweater is now my blanket. Mew!" (Peta Maga)

"This awful sweater will make a great cave!" (Uguti)
"What a great hidding place." (Uguti)

Unfinished pink sweater
Yarn: Glamour (Cisne)

Once upon a time a pink sweater was being knitted….

 ….. bla, bla, bla, bla, bla and then a witch frogged it.  The end.