February 21, 2011

Terra Shawl

This is a beautiful shawl designed by Jared Flood.
Pattern: Terra Shawl

NEEDLE: US 10 / 6 mm
YARN: Malabrigo Merino Worsted (Azul Profundo) - 210 yds

  • This shawl is knitted topdown (starts at center back and works down to the bottom edge)
  • When doing the Provisional Cast-On make sure a long tail is left for grafting the 12 stitches later on.
  • GARTER RIDGE PATTERN should be repeated 10 times. (total of stitches = 224)
  • After finishing Garter Ridge Pattern (or even before) go back to provisional cast-on and graft the stitches (using Kitchener Stitch), this way when you finish Chart B you’re done!!!
  • The 3 knit stitches edge on each side will become the hypotenuse (top) of the triangle and is done throughout the whole pattern (Garter Ridge, Chart A and Chart B).
  • The center stitch marker is the bottom tip of the shawl!

(click to enlarge)

    Before blocking: 55” (140cm) (wingspan) x 27” (68.5cm)
    After blocking:

  • Ãfffff.... I had to frog the grafting 2 times! To make it perfect I've decided to graft purlwise the first 3 stitches then graft knitwise the last 3.


I wanted the shawl wider so I decided to add a 4th repeat to Chart A. So I had to “extend” Chart A and alter Chart B since I had already knit up to 3rd repeat of chart A and didn't want to frog all the work done.

But if you want a larger shawl a much easier way is to increase Chart A.

Increase Garter Ridge Pattern by multiples of 22 to be able to follow Chart A later on (11 sts = one pattern repeat, so you need to increase that on both sides/halves --> 11 sts on one half of the shawl, 11 sts on the other half).

According to pattern, when you finish the Garter Ridge Pattern you should have 224 sts; if you increase it x1 you’ll have 246 sts, and if you increase it x2 you’ll end up with 268 sts.
- Fisrt hank: knit up to Row 3 (9th repetition) of Garter Ridge Pattern.
- Second hank: started 2nd hank on 22nd row of Chart A.
- Third hank: started 3rd hank on 2nd pattern repeat of Chart B and knit up to 7th row of edge pattern.
- Fourth hank: just used a little bit to finish the last 3 and a half rows! (if you don’t increase the pattern 3 hanks will work just fine)

(Chart A - 4 repeats)



- Elastic Bind-Off: k1, *k1, slip 2 sts back to left needle and k2tog tbl*.
- K2tog tbl, slip stitch back to left needle.
  (k2tog tbl = knit 2 together through the back loops).
- BO with a needle 2 sizes larger.


  1. Que lindo!!!!
    Tu já terminou????

    Mostra p/gente ver..


  2. What made you decide to do the grafting the way you did? What did you try before 3 stitches knitwise and 3 stitches purlwise? Tnx.